Welcome to the Home of Raleigh's Y'Alt-Country Crooners!

Buckshot Betty crawled from the kudzu in 2011 when Charleston songbird Kim Betty teamed up with Junior Brown fanboy Todd Betty of Durham to begin a new musical journey. Soon joined by Dan Betty (he knows all the chords) and Hollerin’ Pat Betty of Lake Charles, Louisiana, the four began crafting their own alt-country sound in Raleigh’s Peace Street warehouse district.

Buckshot Betty blends traditional country music with elements of low-rent bluegrass, Cajun, southern rock, blues, and the occasional side trip into Bakersfield. From John Hurt to John Fogerty, Buck Owens to Jason Isbell, and Hank Sr. to the Jayhawks, if it’s been played on southeast U.S. radio in the past seventy years, you’ll hear it in Buckshot Betty’s music. These are the songs you’ll find on a cassette tape getting kicked around the floorboard of an El Camino.

After five years of writing, playing, and carrying on through central North Carolina, Buckshot Betty packed into Pershing Hill Sound to record its debut album, “Humble Home.” Chock-full of country stomps, fiddle waltzes, and mandolin floats down the Calcasieu to the Bayou Tortous, “Humble Home” was officially released in September 2018.

Back in the saddle for 2019, Buckshot Betty has joined up with percussionist Dave Betty and fiddler Suzanna Betty to venture out in support of their new record. We’re looking forward to seeing ya soon!



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